We are Family

Let’s do a little backtracking, Olivia had a doctor’s appointment on the 20th, she had sure grown from the last visit, she weighed 13.7 pounds and was 24 inches long! She had to get her first round of shots at this appointment and thankfully she did really well with that.

This past weekend we took a little road trip and visited with Clay’s family. We got to see our oldest nephew play basketball with two different teams that he is on. Forgive the photos, they were taken on my phone and gymnasiums do not have the best lighting.

We knew that he loved basketball, but we had no idea how good he was, he is a great little athlete!

Clay’s family is so supportive when someone has an sports event or performance they are there! You will notice his grandma and Olivia’s great-grandma in the first photo. She would rather watch a basketball game (or a STL Cardinal’s game) more than about anything else. Olivia grandparents were so very glad to see her, she had no idea that there was a game going on, she just assumed that they were there to love on her.


Let’s talk for a minute about how much Olivia’s cousins love her. It wasn’t enough for grandma to feed her, she obviously needed a little help holding the bottle.


Last one for now, this photo melts my heart, the night before and this whole morning he wanted to share his much loved Paw Patrol toy with “Baby Ovibia” as he calls her.

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