Friday Favorite 2/2

Happy Friday! Let’s talk about one of my favorite worship leaders and artist, Kari Jobe. I love all of her songs, literally every single one. She has an amazing heart for worship and her lyrics express that so well. Clay and I attended one of her worship nights in Springfield, MO with some of our students back in 2011 and it was a powerful time of praise and worship, it was close to Christmas so we got to hear some Christmas songs (my fav) as well. Coincidentally (or maybe not so much), Kari Jobe and her team have a new album that came out today. There was a pre-order option from iTunes where you could get a couple of the songs early, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my excitement for the pre-order option.

Here is what Kari Jobe said on her Facebook page about the release of her new album –

“Today is such an exciting day. If you would have told me 1 year ago that we would be celebrating the release of a new album today, I would have thought that was a crazy idea. All that has happened in a year can only have been the faithfulness of God. Today as you celebrate with me, we are celebrating life, healing, hope, new faith, new miracles, and a beautifully redemptive God. The Garden is a representation of life. It is a representation that God always goes ahead and has beautiful and victorious things in store for us. I am excited to finally get to release this album in its entirety to you. There are songs that were written in the midst of raw and heartbreaking emotion. And you’ll be able to hear songs that were written along the journey as healing and wholeness were growing and bringing life into my own heart. Much as a journey through a garden would look is how the journey of healing has taken root and bloomed. God has sprouted new life into me and my family. This is my prayer for you and your families as well. That in whatever season you find yourself in, that you would look up and around you and see green. And that God has gone ahead of you to prepare you for where you are. He is with you. I pray each of these songs would sing life and joy into every area of your hearts. Thank you for letting me share this journey with you; it is truly my greatest honor.
I love you all so much.
Now, without any further delay…

I give you The Garden:



If you have not listened to her songs before please do, especially if you like worship music. All of her albums are fabulous, if I had to choose my all-time favorite it would probably be her self titled album “Kari Jobe” from 2009.

I hope you enjoy this recommendation, have a great weekend!


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