This is how we roll!

I am skipping Friday Favorite this week because we have big news….Olivia starting rolling over yesterday. I know, I know, not everyone will view this as big news, but we are pretty excited! At this point in her life it is one of the most exciting things she has done. I did not get to witness the first roll over, she apparently did it about 10 minutes before I picked her up from my mom yesterday. The first photo is right before she did it, see the determination in her eyes.

The 18th marked her 3rd month of life outside the womb and I have to say she has definitely changed our lived for the better, not only is she rolling over now, she also loves to “talk” and smile. You can carry on quite the conversation with her as long as you don’t mind not knowing what she is saying 🙂

Here is a video of another roll over if you would like to enjoy the cuteness >


Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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