Friday Favorite 1/13

Hello all! I do realize that I went from one Friday Favorite to the next, it has been a fairly uneventful week, I will share just a few cute Olivia photos with you before I talk about my favorite of the day.

This was last night having dinner with my mom


Olivia did get to experience her first high school basketball game Tuesday when we went to see some of our youth group students playing and cheering.

Enough cuteness, on to my favorite thing! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite money saving apps with you. Allow me to introduce Ibotta…


Ibotta is a app that shows you limited time offers from different stores and restaurants. It is so simple to use, I mostly use it on groceries. Before I go shopping I check the app to see what offers are available at the store I am planning to go to (usually Wal-Mart). If there are an items that I plan to buy or might want to go ahead and get since I can get cash back for buying them I “unlock” the offer and Ibotta saves them for me until my shopping trip is over. Once the items have been purchased all you have to do is claim the offers that have been “unlocked” by scanning the items bar codes and then scanning the bar code or the QR code on the bottom of the receipt. Once you have redeemed at least $20 in offers you can cash out by having the funds sent to your Paypal account or you can redeem the $20 on a digital gift card. One of the features that I really love about the app is that it allows you to link with social media friends and build a team to which group offers are available and more money back can be earned!

If you would like to save money on items that you buy anyways and you haven’t checked out Ibotta please do, if you click this link you can get signed up and join my team, plus when you redeem your first offer Ibotta will give you $10 for using my link!

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