Friday Favorite 1/6

Before my little baby vacation I decided to start posting something I love on Fridays and call it Friday Favorite. This week I want to share one of my favorite lip glosses with you.

I am a big fan of Bath & Body Works, I am also a big fan of saving money so of course I always use the $10 off a $30 purchase coupon. The last time I was shopping I was within just a few dollars of $30, so I grabbed this lip gloss so that I could utilize my coupon.


The first time I used this it became an instant favorite. The scent actually brought back a memory from my childhood, when I was younger I loved white Tic-Tacs and my granny would always keep some in her purse so I could have them. I think she probably carried them for herself before I discovered that I liked them and then it became my thing. Once a box was empty I would take it to play with and the minty scent would linger in the box. This gloss smells very similar to white Tac-Tacs and it has a great texture, not too sticky like some glosses. Here is the link to purchase it online

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