Happy 2017!

The Headricks had a wonderful New Years, we hosted a New Years Eve party for our youth group. Our group has about 30 students when they are all present and we had about 16 at our little get-together. We ate junk food, played games, and had a time of worship and sharing our hearts. I am so excited to see what is in store for our group in 2017, it was so encouraging to hear our students share about the things they loved about 2016 and their personal and spiritual goals for 2017.

New Years day marked an anniversary in our relationship, 5 years ago Clay asked me to marry him, obviously I said YES and I am so glad I did.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I have heard people talk about their “word for the year” around the beginning of a new year, but I have never personally had one. I have always wondered if it was a word that summed up their goal or resolution, or maybe a word that God had given to them in prayer time as a promise or goal for that year. This year I have one, I really wasn’t seeking one out or hoping to have one it just kind of happened. New Years day was on Sunday and we had our regular Sunday morning church service, during the worship time I felt that God laid the word available on my heart. I began to think about the word and it’s meaning and became completely overwhelmed and maybe even a little flabbergasted that God would ask me to be available. As if God doesn’t know every hair on my head I began to silently give him the rundown of my life “I have a full-time job, we are youth pastors, I have a husband, I have a new baby, I have a household to maintain, etc…”. Just like the Holy Spirit does he gently said I’m not asking you to take on more “jobs”, I am asking you to be available in every moment, put away distractions, have ears to hear when someone needs to talk, have eyes to observe and see needs that you can help meet, have an open heart to be able to show compassion and love. Mostly he said be available to me, be ready to pray with someone who needs it, be my hands and feet. Ouch! I was so ready to tell the Lord how busy I am and he already knows and he isn’t requiring more of me than I can give, he is wanting to use me to be an extension of him, to show his love with the life I already lead. So without even seeking one out or realizing that I needed one I have a “word for the year”. I pray that I will listen, see, and love the way that Christ wants me to, the way that he listens to, sees and loves us. I pray that I am available.

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