It seems there is a growing trend in America where if you don’t like something or someone you can just publicly say (or post) that you don’t like it and then act like it’s settled and whatever it was can no longer have any bearing on your life.

Our nation is going through a lot of change, no one will dispute that no matter which side their opinion falls on. Since the beginning of time there have been debates of wrong and right, what is wise vs what is foolish, or how much or how little we should be governed and so on. Here is a thought I had this morning after viewing several social media posts ranging from our president, to organized marches, to terror and vandalism…unless you leave the country and become a citizen of another our president is your president. Decisions he makes and laws that are passed do and will effect you. Now I understand when people use the #notmypresident hashtag that they are saying that they did not vote for him and do not support him, but the insinuation is one of “I don’t like him and I’m not going to abide as such”. The newsflash is this, if you live in America, President Trump is your president, as long as you choose to live here and take advantage of all the wonderful things that America has to offer, he is your president. What if everyone decided to stop complaining about something that they cannot change for at least 4 years and attempted to get along and live peacefully. We don’t have to agree on everything, but I can’t figure out when we got the green light to act mean and nasty when someone disagrees with us. What good can come of rioting and vandalizing our neighbors property, what if we took the time, energy, and resources that it takes to have a march and used them support a women’s shelter or a community center where young mothers go to be tutored so they can earn their GED. Marching in a great number is a powerful sight, but when everyone goes home and takes off their pink hat what real change was accomplished, what wrong was made right?

My last thought is this, if you are not a supporter of our president what good will come from you wishing ill will to him? He is the captain of our ship, if he fails we will all feel the repercussions. Will you actually feel good about saying “told you so” if we end up in some devastated state as a nation? If so you no longer have a political problem, you have a heart problem. These are just my thoughts, I am not hoping to open a can of worms or make anyone angry. If you agree then let’s try so very hard to love, keep our heads, and prefer our brother over ourselves.

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