Rough Start

I did not mean for 15 days to lapse between posting, but sometimes we are not in control. Let’s catch up, the Friday evening of Labor Day weekend I was feeling pretty terrible with an upset stomach that I was blaming completely on pregnancy. Over the course of the night it grew worse and resulted in an entire night of nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, the entire gamut of feeling icky. I knew I was starting to get dehydrated so we headed to Washington Regional which is where I will deliver Baby Olivia in just a few weeks. I was relived to find out that my OB was the doctor on call for the weekend and that I would get to see her while I was there. After pulling about 8 vials of blood and checking everything from the number of hairs on my head to how well my toes nails were polished my doctor had a concern that I might be headed in the direction of Pre-Eclampsia. I was checked into the hospital and sent to the OB floor for more tests and to keep a close eye on Olivia’s heart rate. After a few hours there my doctor decided the Pre-Eclampsia signs were fading and that my sickness was to be blamed on a virus which had sent me into DKA, click the link if you wish to know more about that. DKA and treating it pretty much always requires a stay in the ICU, so they moved me once again to that floor and I got to stay there for about 3 days until everything was back to normal. I finally got to go home on Wednesday evening, everything looked great with Olivia and her heart was strong the entire time I was there. Living with and managing Type 1 diabetes is difficult, but when you throw pregnancy in the mix it can get pretty wild. I am so thankful that I have had a healthy and relatively uneventful 32 week of carrying Olivia. The next short term goal is to carry her to 34 weeks, as long as she makes it that far she will not be considered premature. After 34 weeks the goal is to just keep her “cooking” as long as she will stay in the oven. I can’t end a post about a hospital stat without commenting on the food, some meals were better than others, here are a few highlights.

Here is a little blurb from my Facebook page that I made while I was in the hospital, the other half of the “Happy Headricks” is amazing and he is my #1 fan! He truly hates this photo, but he will forgive me.

“This guy…we noticed in time hop that I was in the hospital at this exact same time 2 years ago with my horrible appendix ordeal. When we met as 18 year olds he had no idea that one day he would be signing up to be the guy holding his wife’s hair when she is sick (if you aren’t a type 1 diabetic or live with one you really don’t know how frequent that is) or the guy sitting by hospital beds while his wife struggled with health issues. Well here we are once again and before this is all over we will be back at this hospital, but when we leave we will have our Olivia! He has been such a trooper. In this photo he is sitting in my hospital bed doing some last minute prepping for a big youth promotion that we will be starting Wednesday night (I’m sad that I will miss the first night). Just for record I was up sitting in a chair, he didn’t kick me out of bed.”



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