P is for Pumpkins!

This is a recap from a few weeks ago, we took Olivia to her first ever pumpkin patch! This will actually post while I am away at a women’s conference which I am excited to post about once I get home.

I have always wanted to start a tradition of going to a pumpkin patch once we had kids, of course last year was too soon to start, so it all began a few weeks ago. We decided to visit McGarrah Farms in Pea Ridge. One of the things I loved about this particular farm was that the admission fee was applied to the cost of the pumpkins that you picked, I failed to get a photo of the ones we chose.


I’m hoping we can go back to this particular farm each fall and take Olivia’s photo here each time.


In my visions of visiting a pumpkin patch we were all wearing hoodies and sipping hot apple cider, well that part didn’t exactly pan out, it was hotter than a jalapeno’s armpit that day! Arkansas weather is crazy and unpredictable at best, but this year seems to be especially weird. In the rest of the photos you notice that I have a hat on, that is because my face was melting and my hair was a hot mess (literally)! IMG_9399

Grammie and Gary go to go with us too!

Apparently when you are surrounded by pumpkins you loose the ability to hear your parents yelling your name to smile for photos, I’m not sure how many photos I deleted where she is looking straight down at the ground or at a pumpkin or a gourd. The biggest challenge of the day was keeping her from eating the corn in the corn box, I pinky-swear that she didn’t actually eat any during that one photo!

It was a great day and I can’t wait to go back next year when she is walking around and maybe knows a little better what is going on. I’m hoping the climate will acknowledge the fact that is fall and the temperature will be cooler next time around.

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