End of Summer

Hi friends! I know that it is well past time for an update. Summer is winding down and my social media feeds are filled with photos of all my friend’s kiddos heading back to school this week. I always loved back to school time when I was in elementary, particularly all the new supplies. Each crayon like a tiny soldier standing at attention in the box, perfectly sharpened ready to help me create and learn. Don’t get me stated on my love of the scent of Crayola crayons or Play-Doh (that is a post for another time), I digress. Fall is quickly approaching and that means some fun times for the Headricks. High school football will begin soon and of course we will be going to some games to support the students in our youth group who play or cheer.

In October we get to celebrate Olivia’s 1st Birthday, I am so excited to gather with our friends and family and celebrate her first year! The party planing has already begun and I know it will be a sweet time of celebration. It’s hard to believe that she is almost 1 year old, there have been so many exciting “firsts” this year, from her first tooth, to trying new foods, to her finally saying “mama” and “dada which comes out “bap bap”. She has truly changed our lives forever!

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks

IMG_0262[1]July 4th sparkler fun!

IMG_0447[1]There is a little place in our area that opened this summer and we are big fans of their Sno Cones, Clay takes every chance he gets to take a student there so he can get one too!

IMG_0195[1]A visit with Momaw and Papa

IMG_0536[1]9 month check up, she weighed 22.6 lbs

IMG_0644[1]Ready for church!

IMG_0654[1]After eating her weight in watermelon at Grammie’s house

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