I cannot believe that our sweet, Olivia will be 7 months old in 3 days! She is growing and changing so fast. My mom was holding her during church yesterday and during the greeting time of the service she walked up and said “you didn’t tell me she had a tooth” I said ” I didn’t know she did”, I looked and there it was a tiny, little, razor-sharp top edge of a bottom tooth. She had been fussy through the night and did not want much of her morning bottle so apparently it had been working it’s way through overnight. An older lady at our church told my mom that it is an old tradition that whoever finds a baby’s first tooth must buy the baby a new outfit. I had never heard of this said “tooth tradition” so, of course I did what any good Millennial would do and Googled it. I was surprised to find that there are many first tooth traditions from all around the world. The closest one that I found was one saying that whoever discovers the first tooth must buy the baby a pair of shoes. My guess is that since we are in Arkansas someone years ago changed shoes to outfit since a lot of Arkansans don’t like to wear shoes (yes, that was a joke). Nevertheless we are pretty anxious to see Grammie will buy for Olivia.

We couldn’t let Olivia’s 1/2 Birthday go by without having pictures taken, here are a few of the shots

Check out the outfit in the bottom 2 photos, that was purchased around 66 years ago for my dad to wear in a photo, a few years later my uncle (his brother) was also photographed in it. When my brother and I were each around 6 months old we had our pictures made in it as well. I love family traditions and I can’t wait to see how many more kids and grand babies will be photographed in this sweet outfit.



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